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The Most Stylish Woman - Luxury from a Partner’s Perspective

The Most Stylish Woman - Luxury from a Partner’s Perspective

When most people think of luxury, they think of expensive clothing, jewelry, and cars. But there are also other ways to show someone you care. In this article my honey talks about his views on luxury and how you can do things which make your partner feel more luxurious.

In this article my honey talks about his views on luxury and how you can do things which make your partner feel more luxurious.

As we enter into the New Year, we enter into the time when everyone puts together what their "New Year Resolutions" will be for the new year.

We often pick something like starting to exercise more, watching what they eat, or being nicer to their partner ;-)

While these are good things to strive to improve; there is something else in 2023 that we can focus on. This is becoming more “Luxurious”.

Now when people hear the term luxury, they often think about lots of money, high prices, and as a partner, we begin to sweat thinking about how much our spouse is going to buy when she is shopping.

That is the not the meaning of luxury that I would like to focus on.

Instead, as L'Wren Scott, an American model once said, “Luxury is a state of mind.”

As partners, we have a job - a duty to our partners, to help them always feel that they are Luxurious. 

This is not about buying them expensive gifts, but rather it is about what I would like to call the “3 E’s of being Luxurious”.

The best kept secret of a well-dressed woman is her stylist and her tailor.

Happy New Year
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3 E's Of Being Luxurious

From A Partner's Perspective

1. Enable - There are many ways we can enable our partners to be more luxurious in 2023. Yes, this means we need to help with buying things, but more importantly we need to give them the freedom to have a luxury state of mind. We do this by helping them to be in the right space mentally, physically and emotionally as well as help to provide them with the means that will enable them to be Luxurious.  

2. Encourage - Equally important to enable is for us to encourage our partners. This means we will give them support and help them have the confidence in themselves to be Luxurious. Encouragement takes many forms. It can range from just being a listening ear to being supportive and giving advice about an item.

Remember, our partners value our opinions but at the end of the day, it is their decisions that we must support regardless. Daily, encourage your partner and remind them that every day they are beautiful and luxurious.

3. Evaluate - Finally, the last E in being Luxurious is to evaluate. Now this is not meant for our partners, but rather for us. By Enabling and Encouraging our partners, they will change their mind sets and be Luxurious, however we now have to step up our game and evaluate ourselves on how luxurious we are. We can’t expect our partners to be luxurious and looking good while we are not taking care of our own mindset and appearance.

In summary, if you want to help your partner be more luxurious in 2023, it's going to be a team effort. Focus on the 3 E’s and watch how every day in 2023 becomes an occasion.

Stay Luxurious

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